Do you guarantee your work?

Yes! All work comes with at least a 30 day warranty. Most repairs come with a 12 month/ 12,000 mile warranty on parts and labor.

I have heard radio commercials advertising all 4 brakes for $99 – can you do that?

No, we can’t – and neither can they.

The $99 brake job they are advertising includes only cheap, low quality parts. They are counting on being able to sell you significant additional work at significant additional cost. Instead of offering “promotional” prices that we know we cant honor, we prefer to offer a professional assessment of your problem then offer a fair price to repair it.

Can I bring my own parts?

Customers are always free to provide their own parts, however we will not warranty the part or the labor if the part should fail prematurely. (If the part fails due to improper installation, we will warranty both the part and the labor.)

Do you use used or salvage parts?

Typically we will not use anything other than new or remanufactured parts. On occasion however we will offer used parts when new parts are either not available or not cost-effective. We will always notify the customer prior to installing used parts to get approval - we will never install used parts without your advance permission.

This is all great, but it sounds expensive. I dont know if I can afford you.

We check our competition weekly to make sure that our prices are in line with (or cheaper than) our competitors. On the rare case that you get a better offer from a legitimate, recognized, repair facility we will do our very best to match or beat their price. Feel free to ask for a price match!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks (with proper ID) and all major credit cards. (Unfortunately we are not able to offer any form of in-shop financing.)

My bought an extended warranty, does this mean I have to take it to the dealer for repairs?

Not at all. We can work with almost every extended warranty company. We will need to contact the company in advance to make sure that they will work with us and what (if any) deductible you may have, but we are happy to work with them to get your car back on the road promptly.