Routine Maintenance

Oil Changes

Oil changes are one of the most common yet essential services to keep your engine running.

Oil helps transfer heat, reduce friction, and trap contaminants. However, if the oil stays in the engine too long then it will start to break down and lose its effectiveness. When it breaks down it becomes sludge which, if it isn’t taken care of, can lead to various engine issues and even serious damage. 

Yet there are times when it just seems so hard to change get the oil changed in our vehicles. Sometimes we’re just too busy to do it ourselves, and other times we simply don’t want to deal with the possible messes.

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Manufacturer Scheduled Maintenance

In addition to oil changes there are other things that must be done to keep your vehicle running. You probably spent thousands of dollars on it, so you want to get your money’s worth out of it, right?

Each manufacturer, such as Dodge or Toyota, have a list of the various services that should be performed at certain intervals to maintain longevity. These services can include changing spark plugs, air filters, transmission fluid, and more. The Owner’s Manual will have a copy of the maintenance schedule specific to your vehicle. 

Our shop is fully equipped to handle any and all interval services as defined by the manufacturer. Fill out the form below to get your vehicle’s regular check up scheduled!